Bamboo Sushi Mat 10.6" (Set of 5)



Product Description

SUSHI MAT BAMBOO 10.6 in x 10.6 in

Brand: "TETSUJIN" Packing Size: 5 Mats 

A must have for making Maki Sushi.  This 10 1/2" x 10 1/2" bamboo sushi rolling mat that maintains even pressure from all sides of the sushi roll while rolling it! This Maki Sushi is primarily used in Japanese cooking. These bamboo slats are woven together with cotton string and make for fast work when making round, square, or rectangle sushi. In addition to helping to make maki sushi, this mat is great for using to squeeze excess water out of food or shaping other soft foods.

To clean, simply rinse this bamboo mat with hot water and air dry after use.